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What is Schluter Systems for tiled showers?

In Line Tile of Greer is all about tile, our specialty. It's not entirely correct that the tile is impervious to water, because it can easily seep through the grout lines. As a Schluter® Systems dealer, we can install your tile showers with superior waterproofing.

Water in, water out

That's what most conventional tile installation drainage systems use. While it does include mortar beds and liners, it's by no means tightly sealed. The tile itself is waterproof. Grout is not. Liquid or vapor can seep through and under the lines.

With Schluter Systems, everything is sealed tight. It's a system of waterproof membranes, mortar beds, and panels that protect wall cavities from vapor penetration. Your tile can be placed right over it.

Now, let’s ask you some questions. Do you ever get those annoying salt crystals on the shower wall? You know, the ones that are always so hard to scrub off. Do you get mold growth on bathroom ceilings? Are you constantly wiping water leaks in your bathrooms?

Showers produce the most moisture, whether in liquid or vapor form, equivalent to three inches of rainfall. So now let's drill deeper for perspective: If one person uses the shower once daily for 30 days, that is the equivalent of 90 inches of rainfall. That number increases since many showers are used more than once a day. South Carolina only gets between 30 to 60 inches per year.

You will be worry-free. Schluter Systems makes the bath maintenance free. It eliminates leakage, mold growth, and those annoying little salt crystals. It also decreases the installation time.



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Tile trends for the bath

Now that you know we can do it securely, go wild with possibilities. One is the popular marble bath and another is the rustic wood atmosphere. Wood-look tiles are all the trend and you can get them cut into planks and with textures.

Tiles are getting bigger and bigger this year and porcelain, with its large format, can be as large as 24 X 24. It is available in many colors and patterns. Thanks to modern technology, such as InkJet, the most intricate patterns, including 3D and sculpted tiles, are all achievable.

For more information about Schluter Systems for your bathroom, stop by the In Line Tile of Greer showroom in Greer, SC. We service Greer, SC, Greenville, SC, Travelers Rest, SC, Lyman, SC, and Duncan, SC. Ask about our estimates.